The hospital, which started its activities as Bağcılar Hospital, continued its activities as Private Hospitalist Hospital after changing hands. With a completely different vision and renewed face within Güven Holding, TRG Hospitalist Hospital has started to serve in Istanbul Bağcılar region.

TRG Hospitalist Hospital, which focuses on human health and patient satisfaction, has set out by making investments and planning to carry out the necessary change and transformation in order to improve the quality of the service it offers.

Operating in a 3,250 square metre closed area, TRG Hospitalist Hospital provides health services in 22 different branches with 35 physicians and 196 employees in total.

Within the 80 bed capacity TRG Hospitalist Hospital;

A total of 22 Adult Intensive Care beds, including 9 Internal, 9 Surgical and 4 Coronary,
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 32 incubators,
With 20 ward rooms and a total of 26 ward beds, it has the infrastructure to ensure that inpatients complete their treatment processes in a healthy and comfortable manner.
For our patients who will receive outpatient examination and treatment, 18 outpatient clinic rooms are available during working hours, and the Emergency Department with 8 observation beds is active 24/7.