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Body Surgeries

Body aesthetics includes surgical procedures to improve body shape and proportions.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Facial aesthetics includes surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve the general appearance of the face.

Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Non-surgical aesthetics include aesthetic procedures that do not require surgical intervention and offer faster recovery times.

Breast Surgeries

Breast Surgeries includes surgical procedures to regulate the size, shape and proportion of the breasts.

Genital Surgeries

Genital Surgeries includes surgical procedures aimed at improving the appearance and function of the genital area.

Male Surgeries

Male surgeries covers aesthetic procedures for the special needs of men.


As TRG Hospital, we are proud to have been serving in Istanbul for more than 30 years. We aim to provide the best service to our valued patients with our experienced and expert doctor staff in the field of plastic surgery. We perform your operations such as Body Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics, Nose Surgeries, Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Balloon in the most comfortable and safe way.

You can choose TRG Hospitalist Hospital to achieve your dream look and healthy lifestyle. Our expert staff provides the most appropriate aesthetic and health services for you by using the latest technologies and up-to-date treatment methods. In this way, by meeting the expectations of our valued patients in the best way, we enable you to get one step closer to your dreams..

TRG Hospitalist Hospital welcomes you with experienced and friendly staff, private hospital comfort and hygiene standards. By prioritising the satisfaction of our patients, we are happy to be with you at every step..

You can make your appointment at TRG Hospitalist Hospital with just one click to get the look of your dreams. You can easily make an appointment through our website and learn more about our aesthetic surgery and health services. As a result of detailed examinations and interviews with our specialist doctors, we aim to create the most suitable treatment plan for you and aim to provide you with a safe and comfortable process..

As TRG Hospitalist Hospital, we are always working to provide better service and improve the quality of life of our valued patients. We are waiting for you to achieve your dreams with our aesthetic and health services. You can make a new and beautiful start by making your appointment right now!.

Satisfaction-oriented Service with Experienced Team

The hospital, which started its activities as Bağcılar Hospital, continued its activities as Private Hospitalist Hospital after changing hands. With a completely different vision and renewed face within Güven Holding, TRG Hospitalist Hospital has started to serve in Istanbul Bağcılar region.

TRG Hospitalist Hospital, which focuses on human health and patient satisfaction, has set out by making investments and planning to carry out the necessary change and transformation in order to improve the quality of the service it offers.

Operating in a 3.250 square metre closed area, TRG Hospitalist Hospital provides health services in 22 different branches with 35 physicians and 196 employees in total.